Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reflecting on the Boyd article made me realize how interconnected and networked we all are. Facebook profiles are somewhat of an artificially and intentionally structured personality-- a way for us to express ourselves in a very particular way to the public. We are able to choose exactly what we list on our profiles: pictures, music tastes... everything-- to make ourselves appealing in a certain light. Not only is this information available to the public (be it however large or small your privacy settings allow for your public to be), but lots more is available through a simple google search. One can find myriad information about schools, interests, blogs posted, awards won... lots of information about any given person.

True, our personal information is all over the internet. That is, for most, a little alarming. But we all enjoy (just as Prof. Chun discussed in class today...) the ability to access information about others.

Does this information serve to better our community? Or is it just scary?

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