Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kalau's connection between The Daily Show website and Free Labor really makes me think of myspace.  Myspace exploits labor in the form of creativity, in that whatever you post on myspace becomes their property.  This is particularly problematic in the case of myspace music, when new bands are encouraged to post their music to the site.  There is a sort of mutually beneficial relationship formed where the band uses the myspace audience to gain exposure, and myspace is able to grow and expand thanks to the band.  However, the fact that the music itself, the band's creative product, becomes OWNED by myspace strikes me as total exploitation.

On another note, watching Grey's Anatomy on got me thinking about the connections between online advertising and surveillance.  Although I expect many television advertisements to be local, I found it jarring to see Rhode Island Blue Cross ads during online television shows.  Normally, sponsors like Dove or Orbit or whatever place their advertisements throughout the stream, but I had never before last night seen a LOCAL ad.  While television obviously knows that it is broadcasting in the local area, how does the internet know where I am watching from?? My IP address?? (I am completely internet ignorant, so maybe there is an obvious answer.) I've come to accept that the internet relies on surveillance to advertise to me as a demographic based on what I search for and buy and write emails about, but I didn't know the internet could advertise to me based on where I was!

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